Thing 3: Image Banks and Copy Right


I found this task to be very informative. I chose to use Flickr  to source an image and was grateful that in regards to Creative Commons, images were sorted into categories and prior to this exercise we were provided with the descriptions of the different categories.

My mind raced a bit whilst scrolling for an image. Thoughts of what rights to people have to the pictures I have on Instagram; what about those on Facebook; as well as how often are photos shared by an abundance of people with zero regard to copy right laws. I think that it world wide web and all its components is so vast that it is nearly impossible to keep a close enough eye on the sharing, re-posting and using of images in reference to copy right. I would like to say that those serious and protective of their images have to be the ones monitoring for copy right infractions against themselves. And I can imagine that in itself would be a time consuming task.

Choosing an image from Flickr and downloading it was pretty straightforward and user friendly. As was uploading it to this blog. I chose a image within the classification of Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs and it specified that I must pay attribution to the creator, that the content may only be used for non-commercial purposes and that the content cannot be altered in any way. No cropping, no changing, no adding a logo or text or anything else. So I uploaded it and placed the web address to the image. I second guess that that is the correct information to provide to by attribution to the creator but think that it is the most straightforward and obvious piece of information about the creator to provide.


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